2%: Redhead Headshots


I’m a redhead. I love being a redhead. Redheads are unique, personally and scientifically redheads possess a rare mutated gene. Redheads stand out in a crowd.

It started with my first photo of myself. Then, while on a photo assignment in a headshot class, I mustered up the courage to ask this redheaded guy on the street corner if I could take his photo. I was so nervous to ask him that I forget to ask his name. The photo was amazing. What I learned is that I love photographing redheads, and I just need to ask! Redheads are cool. And redheads love the attention, too.

To satisfy my curiosity about how I became a red head, I found out that red hair is caused by MC1R, a gene mutation that affects up to 2% of the world’s population. Great Britain claims the highest concentration in Europe, specifically 13% in Scotland and 10% in Ireland. Redheads makeup between 2-6% of the U.S. population, the largest number in the world. The Netherlands has boasted the Breda Redhead Days festival every Fall. Since 2019, the festival now takes place in Tilburg.

Some special events that celebrate redheads are already on my calendar:

Are you a redhead?
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