Professional Equine Photographer

Equine Photography That Captures The Heart of Your Horse


Elegant equine and human-horse portraits designed by a professional horse photographer to showcase your horse's beauty, elegance, conformation, and heart.

Professional Horse Photography That Creates Memories For A Lifetime

You love your horse. Your horse has touched our heart and soul in so many ways. No matter how old or young, or how long you have had your horse, getting professional photos of your special friend is so important. You are the hero in your horse’s life, and your horse is likely the hero in yours.


That’s why it is so important to have photos that capture the heart and soul of your horse. Ultimately, these photos need to have emotional punch. Over time, you’ll be able to look back to those photos and remember the exact feelings you have felt about that horse, and how much you have loved your equine friend through the years. 

The Power of Professional Horse Photography & Equine Portraits

Why Do You Need A Professional Equine Photographer?

The horse photographer you want is a horse person first. Professional horse photographers understand horses and camera gear. Also, high-end horse photographers understand how to be with horses, and how to work around horses with cameras and lighting gear and still be safe.


Horse photography and equine portraiture goes much further than just taking a snapshot on your cell phone. Real horse photographers keep persisting until they are successful at capturing the true nature of your horse.


Additionally, high-quality, eye-catching photos will help your horse stand out from the crowd if you are in the horse business.


Who could consider hiring a professional equine photographer?

showcasing the heart of your horse — as well as the special bond between the two of you — is what we’re going for…and we won’t stop until we’ve captured that in the images we create. 


For the horse owner who knows that professional equine photography is priceless!

The Irish Cob Package

The Irish Cob is a small horse, packed with strength, and so is this package: 


30-35 minutes

2 edited horse images 

Plus travel

The Thoroughbred Package

The Thoroughbred horse is large and powerful, and so is this package: 


1 hour 

4 edited horse images

Plus travel

The Drum Horse Package

The Drum horse is large, strong and versatile, and so is this package: 


Up to 2 hours

8 edited horse images

Plus travel

* Travel expenses will be factored in on an individual basis. **Additional images are $100 each

You can rest assured that we will capture the natural beauty and conformation of your horse, and create a strong first impression for our equine business. And, as your guide, I will do my best to deliver just what you need.