The Headshot Experience

Corporate executives, actors, lawyers, speakers, models, realtors, and company groups need headshots.

Everyone Needs A Headshot

  • If you are in a job search, have a social media presence, or want to show the people side of your company, you need a headshot.
  • Corporate executives, actors, lawyers, speakers, models, realtors, and company groups need headshots.
  • You also need a headshot if you have a profile on LinkedIn or a dating website.

What A Good Headshot Photograph Can Do

  • Get you promoted, or bring you more and better clients.
  • Increase your income.
  • Be your #1 marketing tool by giving you the “lookability” and “memorability” you want.

What Is a Professional Headshot?

  • A professional headshot is a simple, uncluttered photograph of you that is cropped tight to focus on your warm, confident, and competent facial expression.
  • You get personal facial coaching and direction all the way through the interactive headshot experience so you’ll feel comfortable to explore a variety of expressions.
  • This is not another stressful photo session; you won’t be told to “say cheese” or “smile.”

“I understand that being in front of a camera can be terrifying. My goal is to have my clients feel good about themselves because they like the way they see themselves through my camera.”
– Brenda Boyd, Headshot Photographer

Schedule Your Headshot Experience

  • Prepare for Amazing!
    Select a day and time, accept the photo session agreement, and provide a deposit. Come confident knowing you’ll have the most amazing experience ever!
  • What’s Included in the $300 Session Fee
    The headshot session fee includes pre-session planning, a “no fear” experience, and complete direction on facial expression and body positioning,
  • Retouched Images: $50/image
    Each photo you select comes with professional and natural digital retouching. A web-ready copy is also provided with each selected photo at no additional charge.
  • Deposit
    A non-refundable 50% deposit is due at the time of scheduling and is paid online. The deposit applies toward your session fee.
  • Payment in Full
    Payment in full is due before the session begins. This is paid online.
  • Rescheduling
    Life happens, so if you need to reschedule that’s OK. Out of courtesy, please provide as much advance notice as possible. A one-time rescheduling waiver is included in your non-refundable deposit. Reschedule by calling or texting me at 909-583-3033.
  • Make-up & Hair
    If you want your make up and hair done, let’s plan for it before you arrive.
  • Location
    We meet at my welcoming studio in Menifee, California. You’ll enter into a relaxed lobby and then walk right into my studio. Plenty of parking is available.
  • Selecting Your Photos
    You’ll see each photo as we go through the photo shoot. We’ll review the photos together to find the best of the best. You can buy as many of your favorites as you want.
  • Photo Delivery
    Your favorites are delivered online in about a week. Photos delivered in print, CD, or flash drive are subject to sales tax.
  • Payment Method
    Credit card, cash, or PayPal.

How To Prepare for Your Headshot

  • Several Days Before
    Drink lots of water. Focus on eating healthy. Arrange for make-up, if desired.
  • The Night Before
    Select a variety of solid color clothing options. Get a good night’s rest.
  • The Day Of
    Show up ready for fun, laughs, and a good time. I’ll coach you the entire time to draw out honest reactions. Order and pay online for all of your favorites.
  • What About Jewelry?
    While jewelry is fun to wear, jewelry actually can diminish the impact of the headshot. We recommend no jewelry during the headshot session.

What If You Have P.A.S.?

  • Are you terrified of being in front of a camera?
  • You probably have Picture Avoidance Syndrome (P.A.S.).
  • Don’t worry. I know what to do.

“I create a headshot experience for you so the magic of your natural expressions and honest reactions gets you noticed.”
– Brenda Boyd, Headshot Photographer

Why should you choose Brenda Boyd as your professional headshot photographer?

  • You won’t have to worry about a thing.
  • You’ll be coached to natural expressions that capture the magic of the real you.
  • You’ll like the way you look.

Why do I shoot headshots the way I do?

This headshot is all about you, so the cropping is tight, the background is uncluttered, and the lighting is feathered and attractive. I use solid backgrounds. I don’t recommend jewelry. Because your face is what this headshot photo is about, tight horizontal framing positively accentuates you as the center of attention.

Are you ready?