Got Headshot Questions?

What should I expect to pay?

The Session
A professional headshot session is an investment in you. The range is of $100-$1000, depending on your location.

The Images
Expect to pay from $35-$150 for each basic retouched image. Usually clients buy all they want, between 5-20 images.

Lighting. Coaching. Service.
The lighting, coaching, and service is what differentiates a $100 package from a $250-$500 professional headshot session.

Why do I need a professional headshot?

#1 Marketing Tool
Your headshot is your #1 marketing tool. It shows your confidence and invites clients to approach you with trust.

Your Look Matters
Your headshot is often your first introduction, so you want to look good. The expression in your headshot does matter.

Are You Serious?
If you are serious about your your business or profile presence, you need a headshot to communicate that.

How do I prepare for my headshot session?

Wear your favorite outfit to the session, but also bring 2-5 other options. Pick solid colors. You need to feel comfortable.

For the guys, give attention to your hair and facial hair. For the gals, keep make-up natural. For all, remove jewelry.

Come with an attitude to commit to the experience of creating headshot photos with all kinds of looks. Have fun!

What if I don’t like to be in pictures?

Stress vs. Your Enjoyment
The headshot photographer you choose should help you go from stress and anxiety, to helping you enjoy your session.

Trust Your Photographer
You probably don’t know what to do in front of a camera. Trust your photographer to guide you to the looks you want.

Remember Your Need & Purpose
Remember that your headshot needs to communicate the natural, real you on your website or profile page.

I hope this F.A.Q. has helped to answer your headshot questions. If you have more headshot questions, give me a call. I can get them answered for you!

Hi, I’m Brenda Boyd, and I want to help you look good in the photos you’re in!