Sabrina and Her Guitar

Photography doesn’t always have to be overly orchestrated or lighted.

This is Sabrina, a dear friend of mine.

We both saw the lighting. We looked at each other and said…”Yep, we’re going for it.”

And this is what we got. And should I mention that it’s from an iPhone.

It was so so so fun!


Meet Michael – Pianist Extrodinaire

This is Michael. He is a pianist. His instructor is Doris DeChenne of San Diego.

On Saturday, September 21, he will play 12 pieces for an event sponsored by the Autism Society of San Diego!  The event is call ed Lights. Camera. Autism.

To see the entire photo shoot, visit


Brenda Boyd Photography in Menifee/Murrieta, CA, Announces Accreditation by Special Kids Photography of America

Brenda Boyd Photography announces its accreditation by Social Kids Photography of America on August 27, 2019.

Accreditation means a photographer has completed a Special Kids Photography of America workshop, has passed a written test and submitted images that were reviewed and approved by a panel of judges. “Because of this accreditation, I am even more sensitive to the needs of special kids, and I will listen to the parents when they tell me what makes their child amazing,” says Brenda.

“When I became an ‘aunt’ of two special boys, my life changed forever,” says Brenda. “I learned everything I could, and I become a respite provider. My sweet nephews are all grown up now, and they have taught me the invaluable arts of love, slow, laughter, and listening.”

Brenda says, “I’ve heard stories about families who have been turned away by photographers because the photographer didn’t want to work with or photograph that child. Families with special kids enjoy a great photo of their child, just like everyone else.”

Brenda Boyd is a professional photographer serving the Menifee, Murrieta/Temecula, and surrounding areas. She specializes in headshots, people and pet portraits, and special kids photography. She is the only accredited special kids photographer in the San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. She is available by appointment by calling 909-583-3033.



Special Kids Photography of America was founded out of a young Pennsylvania mother’s frustration, humiliation and hurt experienced at a photo studio where she went to commission a portrait of her one-year-old disabled son. The photographer tried to turn her away because her baby did not look like other infants. After her tears dried, she got mad and realized that professional photographers need to be trained with researched knowledge and how to be comfortable with photographing special children. That’s what SKPA does: Train photographers and advocate for special children through beautiful photography.

Since the time of SKPA’s inception in 2000, hundreds of photographers have been trained in the unique understanding of working with various disabilities common in our society. All photographers and interested parties can benefit from the educational books and tools available from this website. Our main mission is to represent parents to photographers, that they might have the training, understanding and tools that equate to improved photographic services to familes of children with special needs.

SKPA photographers are in no way employed by, nor recommended by, Special Kids Photography of America. SKPA photographers are listed on the SKPA website as a courtesy and possible assistance to families seeking photographic services for their special children.

Ron & Lizzy…Two special people

Talk about two fun people to be around. That’s Ron and Lizzy. Ron and Lizzy are both very special people. While they may have some life challenges with intellectual and physical disabilities, they are not letting life pass them by.

When I photographed them this past weekend, I continued to be driven by these two quotes:

  • “It is important to click with people than to click the shutter.” — Alfred Eisenstaedt
  • “A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” — Edward Steichen

In the studio, the three of us were having so much fun. Laughs, funny faces, pauses, and simple joy.


Photoshop World 2019, August 20-23

What a great week in Las Vegas at the 2019 Photoshop World.

There were so many classes to choose from…often 4-6 at one time…so I just had to pick and go.

The biggest take home message was: HAVE FUN! PLAY! BE IN AWE! BE ME!

The photo stages were a blast to photograph…along with 4,000+ other people. Nothing really original…just fun! Totally fun!


Joshua: Now Here’s a Special Kid

I’m getting certified with Special Kids Photography of America. If you have a special kid and you want photos, but have had a terrible experience with other photographers, maybe we can meet to see if I can get you some photos that will make you smile and cry!

See all the top picks from today…


Eric Petersen, Performer

At Headshot Intensified this week in Los Angeles, I had the distinct pleasure to photograph a famous performer, Eric Petersen. He played in Shrek The Musical.

Peter Hurley as Xavier

One of our assignments was to photograph Peter Hurley, our instructor. He played a customer who wanted a head shot, and we had to do everything, from lighting set up, to greeting, to coaching. Peter was pleased!

My Street Photography Assignment

We had an assignment today to go our on the streets of LA for one hour and find someone to photograph.

This is Edward.

Edward 1.jpg

This is Tyler.

BrendaBW 1

This is the guy with the red hair.