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On this page you’ll read articles and watch videos to help you learn and understand more about why a headshot is so important. You’ll also learn how to look good in the photographs you’re in.

The Power of a First Impression

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It takes is 1/10 of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face. Get help with your first impression in your headshot photo…

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6 Tips For Looking Better in the Photos You’re In

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This video will give you 6 tips to look good in the photos you’re in.

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Never Suffer From Headshot Stress Again

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We battle the stress between needing a quality photo and not wanting a photo taken. This story will help you learn how to never suffer from headshot stress again. “I believe each person is photogenic, and it is my job to bring that out for my clients,” says Brenda Boyd, Menifee photographer.

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How Good Is Your LinkedIn Headshot?

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“14 times more visits & 36 times more chances to receive a message with a professional profile photo on LinkedIn.”

This story will give you tips for getting a better LinkedIn profile photograph.

Want to work with us?

Everyone needs a headshot, but most people have P.A.S. — Picture Avoidance Syndrome. Everyone also wants to look younger, skinnier, and more professional. I believe each person is photogenic, and it is my job to bring that out for you.

In your session with me, we will create an engaging, interactive experience for you so the magic of your natural expressions and honest reactions comes out. When it does, it gets you noticed.

Because of the trust, kindness, connection, coaching, and fun that you’ll experience during our headshot session, you’ll get a headshot photograph that helps you stand out from the crowd, and shows that you are confident and approachable.

Headshot photography is my way of giving others a view into their own heart and soul, expressing meaning and emotion, and living my life with purpose. 

I’m on a relentless pursuit of connecting with people, capturing the magic in everyday moments, and finding AWE!

Hi. I’m Brenda Boyd.  I am a headshot photographer serving the Menifee, Murrieta, and Temecula valley areas in South Riverside County in Southern California. 

I can get you the headshot you want and need.