What Is A Headshot?

The right headshot can make the difference in a business that is just getting by and one that’s skyrocketing to success!

A professional headshot is a simple, uncluttered photograph of you that is cropped tight to focus on your warm, confident, and competent facial expression.

Personal facial coaching and direction is what you get all the way through the interactive headshot experience so you’ll feel comfortable to explore a variety of expressions.

My advanced lighting equipment and techniques enhance your natural look so your headshot photo stands out.

Should I Look At The Camera? Yes, for the headshot. Usually your body is straight on to the camera; however, you can angle your body to the right or left, depending on which side of your face is your “best” side.

What Do I Do With My Hands? Nothing. Your hands are not in the picture for a professional headshot.

Why Is the Headshot Cropped So Tight? To focus on your connection with the people looking at your headshot.

If you’re interested in getting a professional headshot, let me know.
It’s going to be awesome for you!
Contact me when you’re ready!

Published by Brenda Boyd

Do you have an outdated headshot? Are you afraid of what your current headshot is communicating? Do you hate being in front of the camera but still need a headshot? Call or text me at 909-583-3033. “I believe every person is photogenic, and it is my job to bring that out for you.” — Brenda Boyd, Headshot Photographer Hi. I’m Brenda Boyd. I am a headshot photographer serving the Menifee, Murrieta, and Temecula valley areas in South Riverside County in Southern California. I can get you the headshot you need and want.

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