ROBERT FRANK: The Humanity of the Moment

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment. This kind of photography is realism. But realism is not enough – there has to be vision, and the two together can make a good photograph.” – Robert Frank

On a personal note:

I find it fascinating to analyze the current industry of photography: everyone has a camera in their hand nearly 24/7. And the creativity that is coming out of cell phones is, quite frankly, amazing. The realism of the “humanity of the moment” is then quickly posted on Instagram or Facebook.

But what Robert Frank is saying, though, is that realism is not enough. You need realism and a vision. Between the two a good photograph is made.

So what is vision? According to the dictionary, vision is the ability to see, and the ability to think about the future with vivid imagination or wisdom.

“The challenge we have as photographers and leaders is to have a vision and allow the humanity of the moment to come through.” — Brenda Boyd

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